Equestrian Photography

Location shoots

Location shoots are a great way to get wonderful images of you and your horse.  We can spend as long as it takes and go anywhere that has meaning to you to get images that you will be proud of forever.  The viewing of the images can then take place in the comfort of your own home at time that is mutually agreeable.


Studio shoot

A studio shoot for your horse takes place wherever your horse is.  We will bring all the equipment and backdrops which we set up in a barn or indoor school. Its is always better to have a big a space as possible so that there are lots of different lighting options.  
If you are concerrned about how your horse will react, please don't be.  We will not put your horse under pressure if either you or we feel that the horse is not coping.  Although horses are sometimes sensitive we are pateint and take our time with them so that they will not concerned about the lights flashing or the equipment.

When the shoot is over we will arrange a time that is mutually agreeable for us to come back and show you the images.


Outdoor Shoots are priced at £100

Studio Shoots are priced at £140 and both shoots include an A3 archival print


We will attend your event, whether it's Showjumping, Dressage, Showing or Polo to take stunning images so that you will remember the day.  We offer an on site printing service so that there is no need to wait and you can take the images away with you.