Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Hoofprint Images

At Hoofprint Images we care about the personal data that we hold about you and we ensure that we only collect what we need for the purpose of providing the services that we offer.


The information about you that we collect may include:

  • photographs of you
  • your email address so that we can send images to you or correspond with you about our services
  • your name, so we can link photographs to you on the website and make it easier for you to find.


We use your personal data to provide you with the opportunity to purchase photographs or photographic services from us. We may also use your personal data to market our services, either on our website or on social media.


We will never send you marketing or share your personal information with other companies for this purpose.


We hold your personal data on our website and in our email account and the access to these are limited to ourselves and where necessary for support purposes to our website provider Foliopics.


We retain photographs for a maximum of 6 years but will often remove them from our servers and website before the expiry of this period.


Your Rights


You are entitled to ask us to provide you with a copy of the data we hold about you, but this does not mean that we have to give you copies of the photographs that we have taken for free, these are protected by Intellectual Property law. You will also need to help us to identify the personal data that we hold about you.


You may ask us to remove photographs from our Social media pages and you may also ask us to remove all of your personal information from our website and servers.  You will need to help us to identify the personal data that we hold about you.


You may ask us to correct any personal data we hold about you and you may ask us to stop processing your data (this includes deletion of your personal data)


If you would like to exercise your rights please contact us at